October 1998

Photos by Zack
I am a

which is why my images look better then yours.

My mother died January 29, 1998. I still miss her terribly but life goes on.

The meaning of life, according to me, is to live as fully and completly as time and desire allow you. I am considered to be handicapped, since I had brain surgery in 1990. They asperated a cyst in my brain and pumped it back up with air so now I am an airhead. On August 25, 1999 they took out my gall bladder so now I am an airhead with no gall, but I don't let that stop me.

I like long walks in the park... drinking a fresh German Resling, eating chop suey and talking on the phone with strangers. Ok... so I really only like sweet white wine.

My favorite exercise is fucking but they don't give the Presidential Fitness Award for that (nor is this an open invitation).

I have been to Russia 3 times. Russia is my favorite country after the United States because there is so much personal freedom there.

It's amazingly beautiful and the people, the culture, the new fast food joints all make it worth it to visit. You don't have to compromise you Western integrity.

"Short black skirt, tight black pants."

Anne (with me in St. Petersburg) was jealous of how beautiful the Russian women are.

Granny & Pop, Lesli, Nate, Noah, Anne